The Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins include a multitude of herbs that are designed to protect the female body and optimize the wearer’s health. Traditional feminine products contain chemicals in traces that often come in direct contact to the permeable-based mucous membranes in and around the vaginal area. These include carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, reproductive-based toxins, and numerous allergens. The sanitary pads napkins produced by Amez Care contain none of these potentially detrimental chemicals. Additionally, many traditional pads and tampons contain residues of pesticides and dioxins. The manufacturing process at Amez Care prevents the residues of these toxins from coming in contact with our feminine products.

Aloe Vera is one of the substances that are found in our products. Deemed as the “Plant of Immortality” by the Ancient Egyptians, Aloe Vera is an exceptionally powerful herbal product that has the ability to positively impact the health of a female. Not only does it contain over 75 unique nutrients, but, it also contains two hormones – Auxin and Gibberellins. Aloe Vera contains a high level of antiseptic properties and has the ability to cleanse in a natural and thorough manner. It is highly beneficial to the skin – even the permeable membranes of the vaginal region. It helps to hydrate the skin, heals wounds, and reduces any level of inflammation. It also encourages the growth of new cells. Finally, this herbal ingredient has been found to be highly effective in reducing itchiness and irritations of the skin that cause itchiness. Our Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins all include a touch of Aloe Vera.

Peppermint is an herbal product that effectively acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent. When it comes in contact with the skin, it soothes itching, irritation, pain, and infections. Peppermint has been used throughout the years as an effective cleansing agent. Women that experience painful cramps, headaches, and moodiness with their menstrual cycle may benefit immensely from exposure to peppermint. In addition to optimizing the health of the vaginal area and eliminating symptoms that females experience with their period, this herb has been found to be effective in inhibiting the development of the herpes simplex virus type 1 that is highly resistant to drugs. Whether it only comes in contact with the skin or its aroma enters into the nose, peppermint is sure to offer numerous health benefits to all women!

The Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins that we offer also contains Tea Plant extract. In recent years, this has been used to alleviate the symptoms of many pain-related illnesses and has also been used to optimize the immune system. Tea Plant extract inhibits the development of blood clots – which are the leading cause of both heart attack and stroke. It lowers blood sugar levels, sterilizes numerous bacteria types, and restricts the formation of harmful cholesterol. Women who have diabetes, blood-clotting disorders, painful clotting during periods, and even high cholesterol are sure to benefit from exposure to Tea Plant extract!

Chamomile Oil is another herbal substance that you will find in the Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins. Not only does this natural substance fight infections, bacteria, and other detrimental substances, but, it also acts as a mood-lifter. Women often experience various mood fluctuations during their period. This will help raise the spirits and eliminate any accompanying depression. This oil has been deemed to be an appropriate treatment for enhancing blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and eliminating high blood pressure.

Lavender is an herb used in Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins. This aids in relieving pain, alleviating nervous-based tension, relaxing the body, and treating respiratory complications. Women who are subjected to this herbal ingredient during their menstrual cycle will find that they are calmer, experience fewer bouts with cramping, are not nervous, and do not experience high levels of anxiety. Furthermore, due to the increased levels of relaxation, the female will find that she is able to enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep.

As you can see, the Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins that we offer do more than just absorb during your menstrual cycle or on days where you need a little extra protection to keep dry. They are safe to your body and the herbal ingredients within the products offer a vast amount of health benefits. In addition to this, our products offer a unique and comfortable design to ensure optimal fit. The sanitary napkins and panty liners that we offer have a soft, natural texture that allows for the highest level of breathability. We offer a variety of absorbencies so that your individual needs may be addressed. We want to help you go with your flow!

The organic and herbal substances that our Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins are composed of provide an uncompromised amount of quality. The premium-level absorbency quickly grasps and locks in wetness so that you have the most reliable level of protection. In addition to this, our Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins are designed to naturally ensure compatibility with your natural ph. Our company strives to ensure that most innovative fit and the highest level of comfort. By using our products today, you are sure to feel and see an immense difference. Best of all, all of the Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins that we offer to our customers are hypoallergenic and made without all of the harsh chemicals and toxins that are present in other products. We know that your sanitary napkins are a big deal – even though they are contained in a small package!