Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins Company Specializes in All-Natural Products That Will Increase Comfort and Optimize the Health of Women Everywhere

The Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins Company prides itself in the specialization of creating all-natural products that will not only increase the comfort level of women, but will actually optimize the health of those women during menstruation. According to statistics, the average female will use well over 12,000 sanitary pads napkins and/or tampons during the time in which they experience menstruation. In the past several decades, many researchers, scientists, and medical professionals have studied the health effects associated with the long-term use of standard feminine products. While no one study has determined – unequivocally – that these products are dangerous OR safe, it has been established that the chemicals found in sanitary pads napkins and tampons result in adverse health effects. Examples of these chemicals include carcinogens and dioxin.

The owners, operators, designers, and manufacturers at Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins Company originally gathered with one goal in mind – to ensure the safety of all menstruating women. Little did they know – at the start of their project – that they would not only succeed in their endeavor, but, they would far exceed their OWN expectations! The products created by Amez are not only safe, but, they also have been found to optimize the health of the women that elect to use them! Even more, they are the first feminine products of their type to hit the market! Originally, the products offered by Amez were manufactured directly under Amift Marketing Pte Ltd. The goal was to ensure that distribution of the Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins was made to women in Southeast Asia.

The Amez group wanted to ensure that safe, effective feminine products were made available to the women in Asia quickly and at the lowest price possible. As a result, they decided that the products should be sold online and that offline vendors should have access to the products for the convenience of their customers. Examples of these offline vendors include – but, are not at all limited to – AEON Jusco, Tesco, convenience stores, and independent pharmacies. Originally, these items were sold through direct-selling (MLM) methods; however, the company believed that ALL women – even those that did not utilize the internet – should have 100% access to the Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins that they offered. The company has strived to put the first herbal-based functional pad on the shelves of markets everywhere! Now, you may purchase these amazingly safe, health-enhancing feminine products online, directly from the supermarket, in convenience stores, and in pharmacies!

Our factory was officially established in the year 2006. All of the products that we produced were mainly for OEMs. Examples of these products included Pampers products, diapers, and various name brand sanitary napkins. We have now grown into Amez Care. We are officially registered to sell our products in Southeast Asia. We specialize in the creation of Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins for teenagers just starting their period, young women seeking to take control over their health, women in their middle ages that have increased reproductive health needs and products, and even older women who are seeking additional protection.

The products that we offer are similar – in appearance – to the name brands that are currently available on the market, like Kotex and Stayfree. However, the internal composition of our products are much different. We use a specially-created jelly that allows our feminine products to have a stronger level of absorption. Additionally, our products include a multitude of layers. All of our sanitary pads for daytime and nighttime include 9 absorbents, protective layers. Our panty liner products include 6 layers. Despite the addition of the jelly in the manufacturing process and the additional layers, the Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins exhibit the highest level of quality and the absolute most competitive price on the market today!