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The Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Pad Company specializes in the creation of all-natural, high quality functional napkins that are designed to optimize comfort levels and health levels in menstruating women. In recent years, independent studies have been performed that have revealed the fact that most feminine products currently available on the market include undisclosed toxic chemicals. The organic compounds found in both scented and unscented functional napkins are considered to be both volatile and semi-volatile. In most instances, the manufacturer of such products do not disclose information about the inclusion of these chemicals in their products. Amez Care company recognizes the presence of these compounds and has dedicated time, research, and money to create functional napkins that do not use these compounds. In addition to being safe, our products contain bio-herbal products that are designed to improve the health of the women that elect to use them. As a menstruating woman, both quality and comfort is essential. The Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Pad Company now has a multitude of products that are safe, high in quality, and carry a high degree of comfort.

In traditional sanitary napkins, a large number of chemicals carry a high level of concern – not just for the reproductive system, but the entire body. Examples of the compounds that have been found in the most popular feminine products currently available on the market include the following:

  • Styrene – This organic compound is a hazardous chemical that has been identified as a human carcinogen. If this compound comes in contact with the skin, is inhaled, or is ingested, it is considered to be mutagenic, toxic, and potentially carcinogenic.
  • Chloromethane – This organic compound is considered to be a reproductive toxin. Tests have confirmed that the inhalation of the gas created by this substance may detrimentally impact the central nervous system in much the same manner as drug intoxication. Individuals may suffer from dizziness, confusion, fatigue, and experience complications in breathing. This compound was tested in mice. Mice that were exposed often had offspring with defects. It has been established that, if a pregnant female is exposed to this chemical, it could result in complications with the fetus’ spine, pelvic area, and legs.
  • Chloroform – This organic compound is very common in feminine products. Not only does this substance negatively impact the body’s metabolism, but, it may depress the central nervous system, result in respiratory complications, have a toxic effect on the reproductive system, and act as a carcinogen.

The Amez Care company knows and understands that the menstrual cycle is difficult enough without having to worry about the introduction of potentially toxic chemicals to the body. Our products contain a special and safe jelly that includes a multitude of safe, health-enhancing natural ingredients. Examples of these ingredients include aloe vera, peppermint, tea plant, chamomile, and lavender. Not only are all of these ingredients safe for the skin, but, they are safe for the body – as a whole. When we successfully created our Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Pad products, we set out to create a safe product that could be used by all women in Asia. Little did we know, but, in the end our products would not only be safe, comfortable, and high in quality, but the ingredients would mesh in such a positive manner that they would actually improve the health of those that elected to use them! If you are in search of a product that will keep you comfortable while menstruating, will not be detrimental to your health, and will help you feel your best, the Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Pad products are for you!

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asian womanWhen was the last time that an intimate product was comfortable and gentle on your body?

When was the last time that you felt good about buying a feminine hygiene product because you knew it was eco-friendly in every way.

Products that are made for women by women are the best kind of products. AmezCare provides products that offer you gentle care.

They provide you with an all natural feminine hygiene product that was designed to be gentle and considerate of a woman’s body, but protective of the world around us too?

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